2nd Notion is a five-piece cover band that excels at adapting to whatever the situation requires! Featuring two lead vocalists, up to three guitars, a rock-solid rhythm section, and a synth that creates sounds you would never guess came from a guitar, 2nd Notion covers songs across all popular genres of music. Their ever-growing song list spans the worlds of classic rock, country, pop, hip-hop, punk, and current radio hits. From street dances and bar gigs to weddings and private parties, 2nd Notion has been entertaining crowds across southern Minnesota and beyond for the last 15 years, and will continue to do so for many more years to come!!

Ryan Jacobson

  • AKA: Ryan “Sound Wiener” Jacobson
  • Position: Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Hometown: Huron, SD
  • Current City: Winthrop MN
  • Years in Band: Going on 17 years… Started the band with Tyler and Bill back in late 2004. 
  • Previous Bands: Huron High School marching band… (yeah, that’s right!), Sugar Fish, Acoustic Firestorm, Mr. Haefs’ Band
  • Musical Influences: My parents and grandparents made music and performing such a central part of our lives growing up… and I would say Johnny Holm. I saw the Johnny Holm Band at the SD State Fair when I was 11 years old and I was like, “Umm… yeah, I’m totally doing that!” I have seen him and his various lineups perform countless times over the years and I have a blast every time. He is the best at what we do. I also will be forever in debt to the late Kurt Cobain… thank you for making amazing music that I actually had the ability to play when starting out… Fender Squier – $199, flannel shirt – $35, busting out Smells Like Teen Spirit at a house party… priceless!
  • If I may quote Motley Crew:
    “When we started this band
    All we needed, needed was a laugh
    Years gone by, I’d say we’ve kicked some ass
    When I’m enraged Or hittin’ the stage
    Adrenaline rushing Through my veins
    And I’d say we’re still kickin’ ass”

Josh Domeier

  • AKA: Josh “Could I Get a Little More in My Monitor” Domeier
  • Position: Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Hometown: Sleepy Eye
  • Current City: Sleepy Eye
  • Years in Band: 2009-2016, 2022-Present
  • Previous Bands: First Avenue, Stall 68
  • Musical Influences: Bryan Adams, Steve Augeri, Steve Miller, Ken Block, Steve Miller, Sting, Keith Urban

Bill Alexander

  • AKA: Bill “I Have an Effect for That” Alexander
  • Position: Lead Guitar/Synth Effects God
  • Hometown: Northwood, IA
  • Current City: Winthrop, MN
  • Years in Band: 2005 – present (original member)
  • Previous Bands: none
  • Musical influences: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Tom Petty… I could go on. My favorite guitarist is David Gilmore of Pink Floyd. I personally feel his solo in Comfortably Numb is the greatest guitar solo of all time.

Michael Haefs

  • AKA: Michael “Hazel Run” Haefs
  • Position: Bass Guitar/Vocals
  • Hometown: Arlington, MN
  • Current City: Glencoe, MN
  • Years in Band: 2016 – present
  • Previous Bands: Lost Cause, Look Familiar, Lights Out, Four Week Cycle
  • Musical Influences: Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters. Early Staind and all of System of a Down. Motion City Soundtrack and early-2000’s pop-punk. Oh yeah, and Ke$ha. And no, I am not ashamed to admit that.

Aaron Louwagie

  • AKA: Aaron “You Done Messed Up, A-A-Ron” Louwagie
  • AKA: Aaron “Put It On A-A-Ron’s Tab” Louwagie
  • AKA: Aaron “4th Set” Louwagie
  • Position: Percussion/Vocals
  • Hometown: Rapidan/Lake Crystal, MN
  • Current City: Winthrop, MN
  • Years in Band: 2014 – present
  • Previous Bands: Marshall Law, DB Cooper
  • Musical Influences: Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Ted Nugent